From Regulatory Compliance to Business Opportunity


The Environment

Businesses of all sizes and sectors, non-profit organizations, and public services are often required to implement procedures with high levels of transparency to comply with many regulations and frequently changing directives.

They must protect the data collected and processed and the privacy of all parties involved while facing risks often from third parties.

GRC- Service Center

At RBL, we created the GRC Service Center (Governance-Risk-Compliance) to provide comprehensive coverage tailored to your specific needs.

Our primary goal is to ensure that relevant executives receive accurate information on time and establish appropriate targets. Additionally, we diligently implement assessments, procedures, actions, and controls to identify potential vulnerabilities, threats, and risks, effectively addressing them to safeguard your business.

Turn GRC into Business Opportunity 

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Assesments and Gaps’ Treatment


GDPR Compliance



Risk Management


Data Breaches Incidents Management



Consulting - Continuous Support





Compliance Packages for Medium & Small Enterprises


Whistleblowing Law

Whistleblowing Law safeguards individuals reporting violations of EU law in the workplace, encompassing both illegal practices and unethical behavior.

The law extends its protection to employees, former and prospective employees, partners, consultants, volunteers, and board members.

Prohibited behavior includes abuse of power, bribery, corruption, fraud, procurement fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, network and information systems security, food safety, environmental protection, data protection, sexual harassment, sexism, physical and verbal abuse, discrimination, and more.

This legislation applies to institutions, organizations, public and private sector companies that employ 50 and more employees and mandates the appointment of a Case Manager responsible for managing the petitions.


Policies, Procedures, Flows, Reports, Privacy Notices


Policies and procedures tailored to your needs.

We specialize in developing comprehensive documentation, including policies, procedures, privacy notices, instructions, flows, and more.

Our meticulous approach ensures seamless integration with GDPR requirements.

Additionally, we adhere to national and European legislation, providing robust protection for whistleblowers.

Whistleblowing Online Platform for Case Management


Rethink Business Lab provides a secure online platform for individuals to conveniently submit reports 24/7, ensuring law enforcement access when needed. Our platform is ISO 27001 certified, ISAE 3000 audited, GDPR compliant, and utilizes End-to-End encryption for enhanced security.

Moreover, it offers multilingual capabilities and automatically translates reports into your preferred language. Experience an advanced case management system equipped with efficient assignment allocation, diverse report options, responsive handling of response times, customizable user roles and departments, comprehensive case categories, timely alerts, easily customizable forms, and much more.

Whether the petitioner chooses to submit named or anonymous reports in a written or verbal format (with voice alteration) and with attachments, the system provides updates on progress through a unique code.



At Rethink Business Lab, we provide your staff with comprehensive training to enhance their understanding of whistleblowing’s significance and cultivate a culture centered around integrity.

Case Manager as a Service


At Rethink Business Lab, we act as your trusted Case Manager, providing comprehensive and law-compliant monitoring and handling of petitions.

We communicate seamlessly with relevant organizational units and petitioners, maintaining meticulous records while offering you detailed information and reporting.

Promptly following up on decisions and instructions, we ensure that you receive timely updates and overview reports.


Assessments and Gaps’ Treatment

person sitting while using laptop computer and green stethoscope near

Procedurew and Processes assessment, gap analysis, and gaps treatment are crucial for implementing a GRC environment.

Our consultants provide comprehensive assessments to evaluate your current GRC framework and identify areas for improvement.

We offer tailored action plans to bridge those gaps, ensuring compliance with your corporate governance needs and regulatory frameworks.

Procedures & Policies (Business Audit)


At Rethink Business Lab, we offer comprehensive evaluations of your internal procedures and policies in relation to Corporate Governance and GRC.

Our team of experts analyzes your organization’s protocols to ensure they align with industry best practices and regulatory standards. Focusing on enhancing transparency and accountability, we aim to optimize your business operations and foster sustainable growth.

Trust Rethink Business Lab for thorough assessments that empower your company to thrive in the ever-evolving corporate landscape.

Gap Analysis


Conducting a thorough analysis to identify gaps by task should be at the core of every company.

We evaluate every aspect to ensure a comprehensive understanding of any potential shortcomings. By examining these gaps, we are able to provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Action Plan


We provide an action plan with a well-defined grouping of categories for processes, activities, and organizational units.

The aim is to tackle existing gaps and facilitate the implementation of improvements, ensuring the necessary alignment is achieved successfully.

 GDPR Compliance

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Rethink Business Lab is your choice for comprehensive compliance solutions, being one of the leading companies in the Greek and international markets that have undertaken GDPR compliance projects and have a rich history of successful projects in every sector of the market.

We are here for you with specialized consultants, guidance, documentation, and training programs. We provide support throughout your project and even afterward with DPO services.

Cover every aspect of compliance with us.

Legal Audit


We conduct a comprehensive legal audit of contracts, forms, terms, and marketing activities, among others.

We evaluate the effective management of personal data for employees and ensure compliance with regulations.

We evaluate the secure transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA.

Enhance your business practices and protect sensitive information with our expertise.

Assessment and Redesign of Procedures, Policies and Processes


We ensure your strict compliance with regulatory requirements by reviewing and enhancing the existing procedures, policies, and processes.

Our expert team is dedicated to optimizing these crucial aspects of your business, ensuring they align with the GDPR and best practices.

Our meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge guarantee a comprehensive assessment and redesign process that will elevate your compliance to new heights.

Assessment and Redesign of Contracts, Privacy Notices


We assess and redesign your contracts, terms, privacy policies and notices, etc.

Our expert team is dedicated to optimizing these crucial aspects of your business, ensuring they align with the GDPR and best practices, focusing on the relations with all involved parties (e.g. processors, sub-processors, joint controllers).

Our meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge guarantee a comprehensive assessment and redesign process that will elevate your compliance to new heights.

IT Audit


IT audits and security policies are vital for businesses operating under the GDPR and international standards.

We deliver top-notch IT audit services and craft comprehensive security policies that adhere to the highest international standards. 

The aim is for your organization to achieve full compliance and is shielded against data breaches. 

Assessment of the Web & Social Media Presence


We thoroughly assess and revamp your terms, text, privacy policies, cookies management, communication forms, promotional actions, newsletters, and more, regarding your websites, e-shops, and social media.

Our approach aligns with the latest guidelines from Data Protection Authorities and emphasizes security and privacy practices.

Data Mapping & Records of Processing Activities (Art. 30)


We meticulously develop comprehensive records of all data flows. These records encompass the parties involved, both within and outside the company, along with details such as the type of data, its source, the legal processing basis, the retention period and methods, storage places, the IT-related software, users’ access, security measures, and more.

We also ensure that the maintenance of the records of processing activities adhere to the guidelines set forth in Article 30 of the GDPR, the directives of the Data Protection Authority, and international best practices.

The accurate recording of data mapping and flows, as well as their representation in Article 30, is crucial for your compliance.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)


Production of a privacy impact assessment study (DPIAData Protection Impact Assessment) to any processing operation deemed to fall within the scope of the Regulation and data protection principles. The purpose is to identify and assess potential risks that may be posed by potential data breaches to individuals and security measures to protect them.

Data Retention


Understanding the importance of tailoring data retention time to meet your specific business needs and regulatory requirements, we conduct thorough assessments to determine the optimal duration for retaining your data, ensuring compliance and efficient data management.

Additionally, we prioritize the security of your information by performing periodic data erasure audits, guaranteeing that any unnecessary or outdated data is safely and permanently removed from your systems.

3rd Parties Audit (Suppliers-Processors)


Assessment and audits of suppliers (processors) under GDPR requirements are crucial for compliance and data protection.

At Rethink Business Lab, we provide comprehensive services to help you navigate these requirements seamlessly. Our offerings include contract verification, questionnaires, suppliers’ onboarding, and regular and on-the-spot checks of your suppliers. 

Data Subjects Requests Management


With GDPR, the rights of individuals (e.g., employees, customers, consumers, visitors, students, patients) regarding their data are enhanced and given a clear timeframe for response.

We provide you with full documentation, methods, procedures, etc. for fully managing their  requests.

Incident Response Plan


Incident Response Plan (IRP) is vital for the appropriate management of data breaches.

In the IRP, we include comprehensive guidelines, policies, and protocols to respond to any incidents effectively.

Our plan includes details on assembling the incident response team, conducting an impact assessment, and ensuring the necessary authorities and individuals are promptly notified of any breaches.

Additionally, we provide crisis response guidelines and emphasize the importance of clear communication with customers, partners, public authorities, and the wider public.

We offer breach prevention services, including IRP team training accompanied by regular tabletop exercises to increase their awareness through simulation.

DPO as a Service


Rethink Business Lab understands the demanding and complex nature of the DPO role, which requires specialist data protection expertise.

We offer access to experienced and knowledgeable outsourced DPOs, providing a cost-effective solution for enhancing information security and ensuring compliance with data protection laws. Failure to safeguard personal data can result in significant fines and reputational damage to your organization.

By adhering to established best practices, our outsourced DPOs services protect the data your organization processes, keeping you informed and advised on data protection matters and collaborating with regulators on your behalf.

Our outsourcing service assigns highly experienced Data Protection Officers who seamlessly integrate into your team, on-site or remotely.

If you have a DPO, we offer Coaching to DPO services to ensure that your DPO has the latest update on developments.

Benefit from our expertise in a cost-effective manner, supported by shared best practices and model documentation developed from the DPO Centre’s vast experience working with numerous organizations.

GDPR Help Desk


At Rethink Business Lab, we provide comprehensive support, updates, and guidance based on the regulations and guidelines established by Data Protection Authorities, the European Council, International Certification Bodies, and Courts.

Our team offers expert consulting services and assistance, addressing any concerns you may have regarding personal data and the implementation of GDPR.

Whether you prefer in-person or remote solutions, our services are tailored to meet your needs. Trust Rethink Business Lab to navigate data protection complexities and ensure compliance.

Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is crucial for businesses in today’s digital landscape. With the increasing reliance on digital platforms, cloud services, software as service platforms, and online transactions, cyber risks are among organizations’ most significant risks.

Implementing a comprehensive ERM framework that prioritizes addressing risks is essential for businesses to confidently protect their assets and seize new opportunities.

Risk Assesment


At Rethink Business Lab (RBL), we provide comprehensive risk assessment services to help companies manage risk effectively.

Our team of experts conducts detailed assessments, diligently identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities within your company by category, organizational unit, processes, systems, etc.

ICT Vulnerability Assessment


At Rethink Business Lab, we understand the importance of assessing vulnerabilities in your Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment to create an effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system.

As information security and compliance experts, our consultants provide thorough evaluations and recommendations to help you identify and address potential weaknesses in your ICT environment.

Third Parties Risk Management (Supply Chain Risk Management)


Third parties play a crucial role in supply chain risk management. By effectively managing these external entities, businesses can mitigate potential risks and ensure the smooth operation of their supply chains.

Key points to consider include conducting thorough due diligence when selecting third-party partners, establishing clear contractual obligations and performance metrics, implementing regular monitoring and auditing processes, and maintaining open lines of communication.

At Rethink Business Lab, we understand the importance of supply chain risk management and offer comprehensive solutions to help businesses protect their operations and secure their supply chains.

Cyber Insurance


Rethink Business Lab is dedicated to highlighting the significance of cyber insurance as a crucial measure in mitigating the impact of data breaches.

Focusing on insurance companies’ unique methodology and requirements covering these risks, our comprehensive review ensures that your business will be able to undertake valuable cyber insurance coverage to protect itself against potential cyber threats.

Data Breaches Incidents’ Management

Methods, procedures, and an Incident Response Plan (IRP) are crucial for effective data breach management.

Our skilled team specializes in developing comprehensive IRPs with detailed guidelines for swift and effective responses to breaches. We offer assistance in handling breach incidents and proactive measures such as phishing simulations, training, and dark web monitoring.

Our focus is on raising staff awareness and fostering a data protection culture within your organization.

Incident Response Plan


Incident Response Plan (IRP) is vital for appropriately managing data breaches.

The IRP includes comprehensive guidelines, policies, and protocols to respond to incidents effectively. Also, the IRP is linked with regulations and security standards (e.g., GDPR, ISO27001, NIST). 

Our plan includes details on assembling the incident response team, conducting an impact assessment, and ensuring the necessary authorities and individuals are promptly notified of any breaches.

Additionally, we provide crisis response guidelines and emphasize the importance of clear communication with customers, partners, public authorities, and the wider public.

We offer breach prevention services, including IRP team training accompanied by regular tabletop exercises to increase their awareness through simulation.

Data Breach Incident Handling


Data Breach Incidents are comparable to a state of emergency.

At Rethink Business Lab (RBL), we take charge of overall coordination, including investigating, researching, addressing, and managing incidents from legal, technical, and operational perspectives.

We ensure that all necessary steps are taken to inform the Data Protection Authority, individuals, the public, partners, and other stakeholders.

Additionally, we provide recommendations for recovery and coordinate efforts to identify the causes of incidents, implementing essential improvements along the way.

Prevention and Awareness


At Rethink Business Lab, we are committed to effectively preventing and addressing breaches through a focus on awareness raising and education. Our approach involves organizing scenario-based breach simulations, which enhance staff awareness and foster a culture of information protection within your company.

We conduct simulated phishing “attacks” in the awareness framework, followed by comprehensive training sessions.

Also, we provide tabletop exercises for your IRP team. Our services include detailed reports offering valuable insights into user behavior and progress. Trust us to empower your organization with the knowledge and tools needed for robust information security.

Digital Risk Protection


With Rethink Business Lab, in partnership with SKURIO, you gain access to a robust platform that offers 24/7 early warnings.

Our solution enables you to proactively discover and mitigate threats and risks associated with data and business information exposure across the surface, deep, and dark web.

Press the button “Threat Intelligence Services” for details.


Consulting – Continuous Support

With our expertise and continuous support, we provide consulting services to your Management with the necessary guidance to navigate the ever-changing landscape of regulations and standards.

Our advisory services ensure the seamless implementation of procedures and policies, effective risk management, and compliance with regulatory frameworks.

We design a permanent supervision framework by creating critical indicators, monitoring the implementation of procedures, and enabling timely responses to potential risks.

Transform, empower, secure, comply, and train – the RBL Way!

Consulting Services to Management


Rethink Business Lab (RBL) offers expert consulting services for GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) matters to your company’s management.

Our experienced consultants provide continuous support and guidance, helping you navigate the ever-changing landscape of regulations and standards.

With our seamless implementation of procedures and policies, effective risk management, and compliance with regulatory frameworks, we ensure your business’s secure and compliant operation.

Trust the RBL Way, and let us transform, empower, secure, comply, and train your organization to achieve lasting success.

Permanent Supervision


At Rethink Business Lab, we recognize the significance of effective control mechanisms and timely intervention to prevent potential problems that can significantly impact various operational activities.

We are committed to assisting you in defining control methods and KPIs, implementing regular controls, establishing reporting procedures, evaluating results, and providing personnel training.

We aim to ensure your company’s continuous resilience and growth.

Update on Current Developments


We update the competent executives of your company about developments in the regulatory framework, new directives and laws, and decisions of the Relevant Authorities and International Bodies, additionally, conducting periodic studies on the necessary adjustments within the company.



Certification to the various data security and business continuity standards is a critical element of the GRC. 

We provide certification services related το ISO standards and GDPR.



We are the reference point in specialized education, offering a comprehensive range of experiential programs that enhance the culture of security and data management. Our programs are designed for all roles and levels of your personnel.

Rethink Business Lab (RBL) is a co-founder and manager of DPO Academy, the first educational organization in Greece specialized in the GDPR and the role of the DPO.

 Our educational program leads to ISO 17024 Certification from TUV Austria Hellas.

The training of thousands of professionals from every sector of the market demonstrates your trust.

Available in physical and e-learning options

Network & Information Security 2 – NIS 2


Strengthened cyber security legislation in the EU is coming into force with adoption of the Network and Information Security 2 (NIS2) Directive in January 2023.

NIS 2 will upgrade NIS 1, aiming for further improving the resilience of public and private organizations and companies to cybersecurity threats in the EU. The Directive aims to increase the resilience of European businesses and organizations by expanding the sectors and types of critical entities – public and private – that fall within its scope.

Effective implementation of NIS 2 is vital to improving companies’ resilience to cybersecurity threats and can create a strong business advantage by highlighting the importance of data and information protection.

Participants in the training program will understand the requirements of the new NIS 2 directive and how organizations and businesses are affected by its implementation.

Third Parties Risk Management


Are you looking to enhance your organization’s supply chain risk management strategy? Join our seminar on effective third-parties risk management.

This comprehensive workshop will cover key actions such as suppliers’ assessment, onboarding, contracting, periodic audits, and preventive measures for their cyber security environment.

Our experienced consultants will guide you through the process, providing valuable insights and practical solutions.

The training program is addressed to Procurement, IT, DPO, Internal Audit, and Legal professionals. 

DPO Executive


The first, innovative and awarded training program for executives wishing to take on a DPO role or participate in data management teams.

The program leads to ISO17024 certification by TUV Austria Hellas and is provided in collaboration with TUV Austria Hellas and Nomiki Bibliothiki, and it has been trusted by more than 80% of DPOs and data protection executives.

New DPO Advanced Course


The new Advanced Course for Data Protection Officers (DPOs) and other interested executives offers training on all developments since the implementation of GDPR, providing up-to-date answers to ensure adequate protection of personal data.

 The Training Program provides answers to questions such as:

  • What issues have the implementation of GDPR highlighted in practice, and what kind of new issues have arisen from the application of the Regulation, what main problems does a DPO face in his daily life, and how is the jurisprudence dialogue conducted?
  • What about cross-border flows of personal data and cybersecurity?
  • Against new techniques of cyberattacks, what threatens personal data according to statistical analysis, and how is risk effectively contained?

 The Educational Program maps in a comprehensive, specialized way and, through case studies, the new issues raised by protecting personal data in the era of the internet and the digital economy.

  The training program is offered in collaboration with Nomiki Bibliothiki.


GDPR Awareness


The key principles of GDPR that everyone should know

GDPR Compliance Audit


The necessary training for the DPO and those involved in Data Protection to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulatory framework. 

The seminar covers compliance audit methodology, checkpoints and controls, critical areas, monitoring, reporting, accountability, audit toolkit, etc.

DPIA in Practice


For DPOs, lawyers, IT executives, and Departments Heads.

Requirements, methodology, use of specialized tools, examples, case studies

GDPR - Thematic Seminars for Sectors and Professions

  • Health Care Edition
  • Hospitality Edition
  • Marketing & Sales Edition
  • Web, e-shops & Social Mesia Edition
  • HR Edition
  • Accounting Firms & Accountants Edition
  • Education Edition
  • Legal Firms & Lawyers Edition
  • Insurance Edition
  • Retail Stores Edition

Managing Incidents of Data Breaches


The seminar is designed to enhance your understanding of creating an efficient Incident Response Plan and effectively managing data breaches.

This experiential seminar integrates real use cases, simulations, and exercises, providing you with practical knowledge, tools and skills to handle any situation.

Compliance Service Packages Tailored to the Needs of freelancers,
Small & Medium Enterprises


Doctors, Health Professionals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Diagnostic Centers, Veterinary Clinics, Medical Supplies, Insurance Consultants, Retail & Wholesale Trade, e-shops, Private Schools & Institutes, Transport Companies, Hotels & Rooms to Let, Travel Agents, Catering, Craft & Industrial Enterprises, Car Rental, Driving Schools, etc.



Our specialized consultants provide compliance solutions tailored to your needs.

You will receive all necessary materials for immediate implementation, including instructions, forms, policies, procedures, and training.


During the project, online support and training are available.

An annual contract allows for ongoing support, updates, and incident assistance.

Get the Full and Cost-effective Compliance Package.

Avoid Risks & Potential Fines.